1969 Lamborghini Miura P400S 1億325万円(SOLD)

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Sold for €840.000


370馬力、4ウェーバー40 IDL-3Cキャブレター、5速マニュアルトランスアクスル、独立したフロントとリアのサスペンションアームを有する、コイルスプリング、筒状の衝撃吸収材、および抗と3929のcc DOHC横ミッドマウント型合金V-12エンジンロールバー、および4輪油圧ディスクブレーキ。ホイールベース:2500ミリメートル



三浦Sに発見される自動車の車体の修正は、修正されたベルトーネバッジとより明白な外観の改良を構成するクロムヘッドライトベゼルを使用して、かなり小さかったです。変更内容は、優れた室内装飾品の使用、修正された機器のレイアウト、パワーウィンドウ、およびランボルギーニでオプションの空調の最初の利用可能性と、内部にはより顕著でした。敬愛する4リッターV-12は、元のP400から本質的に変わらなかった一方で、カムシャフトおよびチューニングは4月にロードテストによって実証されるように、毎時168マイルに車をプッシュすることができた改善された370馬力を開発するように変更されましたロード&トラックの1970年問題。三浦Sは(わずか140として車が建設されたと主張早期レジスタを)超えない338例の適度な量で製造されたように、決定的なサント ‘縣モデル、および車であることを多くのブランドの愛好家によって考えられていますスポーツカーの愛好家広範囲の心の中で特別な位置を保持し続けます。





370 bhp, 3,929 cc DOHC transverse mid-mounted alloy V-12 engine with four Weber 40 IDL-3C carburettors, five-speed manual transaxle, independent front and rear suspension with A-arms, coil springs, tubular shock absorbers, and anti-roll bars, and four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes. Wheelbase: 2,500 mm

  • Desirable early-production S variant
  • Matching-numbers drivetrain
  • Single ownership for 31 years
  • Includes FIVA and ASI passports

Lamborghini’s beguilingly handsome, awesomely powerful, and ground-breaking mid/rear-engine Miura set a new bar for performance cars, and it is now widely recognised as the opening salvo of the Italian supercar battle that emerged over ensuing decades. With Touring, of Milan, falling on tough financial times, Lamborghini called upon Nuccio Bertone to create coachwork for Gianpaolo Dallara’s innovative chassis. A relatively unknown Bertone stylist named Marcello Gandini, then just 28 years old, penned one of automotive design’s most enduringly popular sports cars of all time, and a legend was born.

After the Miura P400, named for a breeder of fierce Spanish fighting bulls, debuted at the 1966 Geneva Motor Show, it posed an undeniable challenge to Ferrari’s longstanding supremacy of the premium high-performance market, just as Ferruccio Lamborghini intended when he originally set out to make his own sports car. With a low volume of hand-built production and the careful input of renowned test driver Bob Wallace, the Miura was steadily improved from car to car, and some experts contend that no two examples are exactly alike.

Coachwork modifications to be found on the Miura S were rather minor, with a revised Bertone badge and the use of chrome headlight bezels constituting the more obvious exterior refinements. The changes were more pronounced in the interior, with the use of superior upholstery, a revised instrument layout, power windows, and the first availability of optional air conditioning in a Lamborghini. Whilst the revered four-litre V-12 remained essentially unchanged from the original P400, the camshafts and tuning were modified to develop an improved 370 horsepower, which was capable of pushing the car to 168 mph, as demonstrated by a road test in the April 1970 issue of Road & Track. As the Miura S was manufactured in a modest quantity of no more than 338 examples (with early registers contending that as few as 140 cars were built), it is considered by many marque enthusiasts to be the definitive Sant’ Agata model, and the car continues to hold a special place in the hearts of sports car connoisseurs far and wide.

It is believed that chassis number 4155 was completed on 6 August 1969, making it one of the earlier S examples manufactured. This Lamborghini, wearing Bertone production number 401, was factory-finished in Rosso Miura paint over a black and beige interior. It was sold new to an Italian enthusiast named Breviglieri and was later acquired by well-known collector Pier Paolo Apicella, who in turn sold it in 1983 to the current collector.

Chassis 4155 has been seldom driven and carefully garaged over the intervening 31 years, and it continues to display in overwhelming originality. It desirably retains its original matching-numbers V-12 engine and driveline, and other than being fitted with wider rear wheels from the subsequent Miura SV, it is correctly equipped as per its original factory specifications.

This superb Lamborghini remains every bit as arresting as it was in August 1969, and as it is currently accompanied by a FIVA Passport and ASI papers, it is warranted entrance to some of the world’s most discerning vintage events. A sensationally presented Miura displaying such dutiful care and mild use would make a noteworthy addition to any sports car collection. This Miura P400S is a wonderfully original example of one of the most rhapsodised speed machines ever constructed, and it is the distinctive forerunner of a long line of “Raging Bulls”.




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