Citroën DS19 Chapron Majesty Spécial  3479万円

公開日: : シトロエン ,

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Built to costumer’s requirements

This Chapron Majesty Spécial is a real one-off, built by Henri Chapron Carrossier, commissioned by a French banker. Of course, every Majesty is rare, because only 27 were produced. Experts say that 10 of them are left, and the Spécial is by far the most remarkable one of the 10.

The banker had quite specific demands. He wanted the Majesty to have a raised roof and extended ‘suicide doors’, so he could generously enter the car. The front doors are shortened; the driver was probably not very tall. Privacy is also important, so the limousine was equipped with an electrically operated separating window.

An extensive file is present. I have already spent two evenings enjoying it (thanks to Google Translate, time for a French for Dummies course). For instance, there’s a copy of Chapron’s production file, and there are copies of the bill and the correspondence between the client and Henri Chapron. The letters from the banker are particularly fun to read. It was a critical costumer who had Chapron carry out a decent number of modifications just before and after delivery.

The quote and invoice specify the following options:
– Fully painted in metallic paint
– Shortened front doors with front hinges
– Extended back doors with back hinges
– Electrically operated separation glass with toughened glass
– Two ashtrays in the back
– Electric clock in the back
– Power windows in the back doors
– Fog lights front
– Becker Mexico radio with power antenna
– English leather
– Modified rear wheel housings
– Special fuel tank under the back seat
– Heating in the back (-15° heater)
– Two outside mirrors

German thoroughness
A German collector added the car to his collection of Citroëns in 2001. The Majesty has been restored at the highest level between 2006 up to and including 2009. It is a trip back in time, it’s like that car is ready for delivery at Chapron’s. The Majesty has only been driven 500 km after restoration. The car is still ‘good as new’.

During the restoration, originality has always been the guiding principle, which truly shows. For example, Connolly leather was selected, which is similar to the English leather that was ordered back in the days. The colour of the carpet fits perfectly with the leather. It looks exactly like it did before delivery to the original owner.

An excellent opportunity for your collection, and also a great investment!


このChapron陛下の特別なフランスの銀行家が委託アンリChapron Carrossierによって建設され、実際のワンオフ、、である。唯一の27を作製したので、もちろん、すべての陛下は、まれである。専門家はそれらの10が残っていると言う、特別は、これまで10の最も顕著です。



– 完全にメタリック塗料で塗装
– フロントヒンジとフロントドアを短縮
– バックヒンジ付きドアを背拡張
– 電気は強化ガラスで分離ガラスを操作する
– 後ろに二つの灰皿
– 後ろに電気クロック
– バックドアで電気の窓
– 霧は、フロントに点灯
– パワーアンテナとベッカーメキシコラジオ
– 英語レザー
– 変更後輪ハウジング
– 後部座席の下に特別な燃料タンク
– バックで加熱(-15°ヒーター)
– 二つの外側のミラー






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