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1984 MARCH 84G-CHEVROLE GROUP C/GTP SPORTS PROTOTYPE Chassis no. 84G-05のオークション情報です。



1984 March 84G-Chevrole Group C/GTP Sports Prototype
Chassis no. 84G-05
* Delivered new to the USA
* In-period race history
* Full professional restoration in 2017
* Comprehensive spares package
* New FIA HTP just issued


  • Although March’s sports prototypes were overwhelmed by Porsche 962s in Group C racing in Europe, in Chevrolet V8-engined form they were popular choices for the IMSA GTP series in the USA, winning the IMSA titles in 1983 and 1984. The March 84G Chevrolet is, arguably, the best of the Adrian Newey-designed March GTP Sports Prototypes of its era. Only seven 84G models were built.

    Chassis number ’84G-05′, fitted with a Chevrolet engine, was delivered new at the beginning of the 1984 season to John Kalagian in the USA. A well-known privateer, Kalagian raced the March in many events, including the Daytona 24 Hours and Sebring 12 Hours, until mid-1985 when he sold it back to the March factory having bought a new 85G model. During this period, Kalagian scored some excellent results with ’84G-05′ including a 2nd overall at the Watkins Glen 500 Kilometres (see table below).

    08/7: Watkins Glen 6 Hours: Kalagian/Lloyd, #15; 39th NR
    29/7: Portland 3 Hours: Kalagian/Lloyd, #15; 7th
    05/8: Sears Point 100 Miles: Kalagian, #15; 15th NR
    26/8: Road America 500 Miles: Kalagian/Lloyd, #15; 21st NR
    09/9: Pocono 500 Kilometres: Kalagian/Lloyd, #15; 23rd NR
    16/9: Michigan 500 Kilometres: Kalagian/Lloyd, #15; 4th
    30/9: Watkins Glen 500 Kilometres 2: Kalagian/Lloyd, #15; 2nd
    26/9: Daytona Finale: Kalagian/Lloyd, #15; 26th NR

    02-03/2: Daytona 24 Hours: Kalagian/Lloyd/Grunnah, #15; 32nd NR
    24/02: Miami GP 3 Hours: Kalagian/Lloyd, #15; 5th
    23/03: Sebring 12 Hours: Kalagian/Lloyd/Grunnah, #15; 27th NR

    ’84G-05′ was then acquired by another privateer, Bill McDill, and fitted with a Buick engine. McDill and Juckette competed in the Daytona 24 Hours and Sebring 12 Hours in 1988 before putting the car in storage. Still painted in its last-race-of-1988 livery, the March was offered for sale by Jim Torres in the early 2000s and was bought by a British enthusiast. The latter brought the car to the UK where a full restoration was carried out, including the fitting of an original-type Chevrolet engine. However, it was painted in the wrong livery (like the March that was raced by Emerson Fittipaldi at the Miami GP in 1985, a different chassis). ’84G-05′ ran in this form at the Le Mans Classic support race in 2008.

    Subsequently, the March was acquired by a noted collector, who had it fully restored again in 2017 at Phil Stott Motorsport, the famous UK-based Group C specialists. The rebuild included fitting a brand new fuel injection system; a complete crack test; and installing a brand new custom-made fuel cell. Lastly, the car was repainted in its correct livery as used at the 1985 Daytona 24 Hours, when it carried competitor number ’15’.

    ’84G-05′ is now ready to race again. It comes with a comprehensive spares package that includes eight spare wheels, a refuelling rig, a set of body moulds, a spare set of bodywork, and various boxes of assorted engine, suspension, and exhaust parts. Another important factor for the future owner is that ’84G-05′ also comes with two large folders containing numerous period documents such as letters, race programmes, photographs, etc. New FIA HTP papers have just been issued.

    This is a unique opportunity to acquire an affordable GTP Sports Prototype ready to be enjoyed at a variety of the most prestigious events; indeed, last year this March was invited to attend the exhibition of Adrian Newey cars at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Possessing documented in-period race history, this fully restored March 84G is an opportunity not to be missed.






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