1986 Ferrari 328 GTS 1268万円

公開日: : フェラーリ ,

1986 Ferrari 328 GTS


Sold for (£): 68,625

The Ferrari 328 first appeared in 1985 as the successor to the 308, featuring a normally aspirated 3.2 V8 engine and very handsome styling. Instantly popular, Ferrari went on to produce 7,400 variants worldwide during the production run which finished late in 1989. Now regarded as a true design classic, this ultimate 270bhp sportscar of the day reached 0 – 60 in 5.5 seconds and went on to a top speed of 166mph.

This exquisite 328 GTS is finished in the most desirable combination of Rosso and Tan with Bordeaux carpets and Nero leather dash. The car is complete with a highly detailed and comprehensive history, with a full complement of MoT certificates, original complete tool kit, handbooks, keys, rare space saver wheel and four brand new tyres as well original fitment Blaupunkt stereo and essential fuse box replacement.

Supplied new by Maranello Egham, Surrey to her first owner, a Mr Miller on 6th February 1986, this car was clearly enjoyed as what appears to be a daily driver as 28,000 miles were covered in the first five years of life, with all works being carried out by the supplying dealer, Maranello as detailed in the history file. She was subsequently sold to the second owner Mr Barratt by Maranello on 14th September 1991 who had servicing and repairs carried out by both Maranello and Ferrari specialist, Talacrest, and latterly Neal Lucas until 2003. The car was then sold to its third owner, Mr Shonfeld, who bought the car from Kent High Performance in June 2003.

The last custodian of nine years kept the car dry stored in a garage and covered very nominal mileage of about 2,000 miles during his nine year tenure. At times during this period, the car saw little or no use and was declared SORN accordingly. Despite minimal usage it passed its MoT in June of this year with no advisories whatsoever, testament to the care with which it has been given as it was still serviced even whilst not in full use.

Having now just completed comprehensive refreshment, this gorgeous 328 is presented in beautiful condition making it arguably one of the nicest and usable examples to come to market. The interior was fully re-connolised recently, giving the leather a wonderful finish and all complemented by a quality paint refinish to ensure she looks as good as new. During the recent service works carried out by GT Cars, Warrington, the cambelts and tensioners were replaced, all cams were inspected and were showing no wear whatsoever – a true testament to how robust the 3.2 QV engines are when serviced correctly and regularly.
Service History with invoices included in the history file:


Specialist Date Mileage Work Undertaken
Maranello 11/03/86 1,180 Running in service
Maranello 10/10/86 3,848 Service
Maranello 16/11/87 11,389 Service
Maranello 05/09/88 17,258 Service
Maranello 16/05/89 20,682 Service & Belts
Maranello 29/01/91 27,164 Service
Maranello 22/08/91 28,614 Service & Belts
Maranello 08/09/92 31,500 Service
Talacrest 27/09/93 35,270 Service & Belts
Talacrest 23/09/94 38,695 Service
Neal Lucas 27/03/96 43,368 Service & Belts
Neal Lucas 28/02/97 47,197 Service
Neal Lucas 01/08/97 49,978 Service
Neal Lucas 04/03/98 50,616 Service & Belts
Neal Lucas 21/01/99 51,930 Service & various
Neal Lucas 24/02/00 55,218 Service & Belts
Neal Lucas 03/05/01 56,781 Service & various
Neal Lucas 16/05/02 60,484 Service & Belts
Neal Lucas 02/04/03 62,057 Service
Kent High Performance 24/06/03 63,459 Service
R & D Automotive 01/03/04 64,091 Service & Belts
R & D Automotive 16/02/05 64,423 Service
JMH Automotive 15/09/06 65,733 Service & Belts
A & E Performance 12/04/11 66,192 Service & Belts
GT Motors 23/08/14 66,432 Service & Belts cam gasket
The gorgeous V8 soundtrack is complimented by an aftermarket Stainless steel exhaust and it’s even more enjoyable with the GTS roof panel removed, the vendor claims!
With 308 and 328s now getting the attention they so richly deserve and being amongst the most affordable, user friendly and above all enjoyable Ferrari models to drive, these cars are now proving to be a sound investment.

A V5C, MoT and road tax are paid until June and January 2015 respectively and with the odometer now reading a warranted mileage of 66,648 miles, this beautiful 328 GTS is ready to enjoy to the full by a new owner.

フェラーリ328は、第1常3.2 V8エンジンと非常にハンサムなスタイリングを吸引フィーチャーし、308の後継として1985年に登場しました。 5.5秒で60とトップスピードに行きました – 、フェラーリは今、真のデザインの古典とみなさ後半に1989年に終了し、生産の実行中に、世界中の7400バリアントを生産するようになった、その日のこの究極の270bhpのスポーツカーは、瞬時に人気の0に達した毎時166マイルの。

この絶妙328 GTSは、ボルドーのカーペットとネロレザーダッシュロッソとタンの最も望ましい組み合わせに仕上がっています。車はMOT証明書、オリジナルの完全なツールキット、ハンドブック、キー、珍しいスペースセーバーホイールと4ブランドの新しいタイヤにもオリジナルの装備ブラウプンクトステレオと本質的なヒューズボックスの交換を完全に補完して、非常に詳細かつ包括的な歴史を持つ完了です。



今ちょうど完成した総合的なリフレッシュを持って、このゴージャス328はきれいな状態は、それが間違いなく素敵な使用可能な例の一つが市場に来てすることに提示されている。内部は完全に革に彼女が新品同様の見えることを確認するための品質塗装補修によって補完素晴らしい仕上がりとすべてを与えて、最近になって再connolisedた。 GT車、ウォリントン、cambeltsとテンショナーによって行わ最近のサービス作品が交換された時には、すべてのカムは検査したと全く摩耗示しませんでした – 3.2 QVエンジンは正しく、定期的にサービスされる際にどのように堅牢に真の証を。


マラネロ10/10/86 3848サービス
マラネロ16/11/87 11389サービス
マラネロ05/09/88 17258サービス
マラネロ16/05/89 20682サービス&ベルト
マラネロ29/01/91 27164サービス
マラネロ22/08/91 28614サービス&ベルト
マラネロ08/09/92 31,500サービス
Talacrest 27/09/93 35270サービス&ベルト
23/09/94 38695サービスTalacrest
ニールルーカス27/03/96 43368サービス&ベルト
ニールルーカス28/02/97 47197サービス
ニールルーカス01/08/97 49978サービス
ニールルーカス04/03/98 50616サービス&ベルト
ニールルーカス21/01/99 51930サービス&様々な
ニールルーカス24/02/00 55218サービス&ベルト
ニールルーカス03/05/01 56781サービス&様々な
ニールルーカス16/05/02 60484サービス&ベルト
ニールルーカス02/04/03 62057サービス
ケント高性能24/06/03 63459サービス
R&D自動車01/03/04 64091サービス&ベルト
R&D自動車16/02/05 64423サービス
JMH自動車15/09/06 65733サービス&ベルト
A&Eのパフォーマンス12/04/11 66192サービス&ベルト
GTモーターズ23/08/14 66432サービス&ベルトカムガスケット



V5C、MOTと道路税は、それぞれ6月と2015年1月までに支払われ、現在6​​6648マイルの保証付き走行距離を読んで走行距離計で、この美しい328 GTSは、新しい所有者がフルに楽しむ準備ができているされている。




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