1978 Ferrari 308 GTB 1073万円

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1978 Ferrari 308 GTB

Sold for (£): 58,075

The 308 GTB was launched at the Paris Motor show in 1975 as a direct replacement for the Dino 246. Designed by Pininfarina with sweeping curves and aggressive lines the 308 has gone on to become one of the most recognised Ferrari’s of all time. The Targa topped 308 GTS version was introduced in 1977 and was made famous by the TV series “Magnum PI”. Fitted with a 2.9 litre DOHC V8 engine fitted with four Weber 40DCNF Carburettors that produced 255bhp the 308 went from 0 to 60mph in 6.5 seconds and on to a top speed of 159 mph. In 1980 fuel injection was added to the 308 and power went down from 255 bhp to 214 bhp however two years later four vales per cylinder were added giving quattrovalvole models 240bhp. The 308 was manufactured in both GTB and GTS forms from 1977 to 1985 before being replaced by the 328.

This right-hand drive Ferrari 308 GTB dry-sump example has had just 4 previous owners, with one having had the car for a large part of its life. During that time it has spent the last 20 years in storage and was last on the road in 1994. MoT certificates prior to that date show sparing use and back up the car’s low mileage of 45,500 miles.

This car is described as being completely unmolested and represents a very rare opportunity to purchase a car that is largely original and requires minor re-commissioning. This would include the replacement of perishable items such as brake lines and pipes to create a running car, but this Ferrari would also make a great basis for a ‘concours’ restoration.

Prior to the auction, the car will receive a full cam-belt service by marque experts Keys Motorsport of Silverstone to move it one step closer to being back on the road. A full condition report will also accompany the vehicle and is available to perspective purchasers. In addition, the original document wallet and service book can be found in the history file. This car has the highly desirable dry sump, carburettor engine and should prove to be a highly rewarding Ferrari to own as well as being a great investment opportunity.

308 GTBは抜本的な曲線と308はほとんどのフェラーリのすべての時間の認識の一つになるために行っている攻撃的なラインとピニンファリーナによるデザインディノ246の直接の代替として1975年パリモーターショーで発表されました。タルガは308 GTSのバージョンを突破し、1977年に導入され、テレビシリーズ「マグナムPI」で有名になった。 308は6.5秒で毎時0〜60マイル行き、毎時159マイルの最高速度に上255bhpを生産し4ウェーバー40DCNFキャブレターを装備し2.9リットルDOHC V型8気筒エンジンを搭載。 1980年に燃料噴射が308に添加し、パワーがしかし2年後に2​​14 BHPまで255 BHPから行きました気筒あたり4バレスはQUATTROVALVOLEモデル240bhpを​​与える追加されました。 308は328に置き換えられる前に、1977年から1985年の両方GTBとGTSの形態で製造した。

この右ハンドルフェラーリ308 GTBドライサンプの例は、その人生の大部分のために車を持っていたしたものと、わずか4以前の所有者がありました。その時に、ストレージ内の最後の20年間を過ごし、事前の使用を温存その日付のショーに1994 MOT証明書の道路上の最後だったと45500マイルの車の低燃費をバックアップしています。






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