1962 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Roadster 1126万円

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1962 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Roadster


Sold for (£): 60,950

It is difficult to imagine the impact that the Jaguar E-type had when it was launched back in 1961. When the average saloon had a top speed of 70 mph and most were desperately dull, the E-type was an instant sensation, pre-empting computer aided design. The pre-eminent aerodynamist Malcom Sayer uniquely applied complex mathematical formulae to create the stunning E-type shape. Ironically he hated being called a stylist, yet he designed what is arguably one of the most beautiful cars ever seen. Today manufacturers build hundreds of prototypes when developing a new car; Jaguar built just a handful of cars prior to launch and the story of the E-type is now legendary around the globe.

We are informed by the vendor that this particular car was the first car to be exported to New York in Masons Black and, as such, was a special order from Browns Lane. It’s Heritage Certificate confirms its date of manufacture as the 8th of August 1962 and it was despatched to the United States on the 17th August 1962.

When new this particular E Type was finished in Masons Black with contrasting Red leather interior and led a much pampered life in the United States until it was repatriated to the UK, in December of 1990. We are informed by the vendor that the car was then subject to a major mechanical overhaul which included removal of the engine which was then completely stripped and rebuilt. As such, it is a leak free unit that runs exceptionally sweetly with no errant noises and strong, fuss free power delivery.

‘680 XUH’ was then subsequently kept in secure dry storage and was the subject of a sympathetic rolling restoration over the next few years to keep the car in fine fettle. In 2008 the car was the subject of a major bodywork restoration project. The vendor informs us of the presence of paperwork and photos indicating various stages of the bodywork restoration, including the fitting of a new bonnet, and a further bill in March of 2008 for £10,000.

Make no mistake the prices of the best cars in the market today are a fraction of the actual cost to owners who have paid for the work to be done. This car has bills totalling just under £24,000 for parts alone and one could easily spend close to £100,000 on a full restoration, so the economics of resuscitating a dead E-Type just don’t add up. Thereofore, cars like this look fantastic value for money. Being sold with a fresh MoT, we anticipate strong significant interest from all four corners of the globe on this truly beautiful motor car.




「680 XUH」は、続いて、安全な乾式貯蔵に保管し、細かいfettleに車を維持するために、今後数年間で交感神経ローリング復元の主題であった。 2008年には車は主要な車体再生事業の対象となった。ベンダーは新しいボンネットのフィッティング、および£10,000のために2008年3月、さらに請求書など、車体の復元の様々な段階を示す書類や写真の存在を私たちに通知します。

間違いなく、市場で最高の車の価格は本日、なすべき仕事のために支払っている所有者に実際のコストのほんの一部です。この車は一人で部品のすぐ下に£24000合計請求書を持って、デッドEタイプを蘇生させるの経済学がちょうどまで追加しないように、人は簡単に、完全な復旧に近い10万ポンドを費やすことができます。 Thereofore、このような車はお金のための素晴らしい価値を見て。新鮮なMOTで売られている、我々は、この本当に美しいモーター車上の地球のすべての四隅からの強い大きな関心を予想。



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