1987 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth 293万円

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1987 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth


Sold for (£): 15,870

The Ford Sierra RS Cosworth was launched at the 1985 Geneva Motor Show and was the first Ford to wear the ‘Cosworth’ badge. Only 5545 were built in order to homologate the car for Group A Touring car racing and were based on the 3 door Sierra bodyshell but fitted with a 2.0 litre turbo engine of now legendary repute. It featured a double overhead camshaft, 16 valve engine with a Garret T3 turbo and intercooler, giving a reliable 204bhp which produced a 150 mph top speed and a 0-60 time of just 6.8 seconds!

This UK supplied right-hand drive car is reading a mere 61,000 miles and is backed up with MoT certificates dating back to 1993. Having covered approximately 10,000 miles in the last 14 years, this example has been cared for by RS Owner’s Club members. The underside has been professionally undersealed and the car stored in a temperature controlled environment.

It has an original stamped service book and is professionally fitted with a immobiliser alarm system. The car features a sun-roof with no leaks, original recaro seats that have been tastefully re-bolstered, original stereo and amplifier system. It also has a file full of receipts and services for works carried out. The bodywork and paintwork is described by the vendor as: “immaculate, with 5 original wheels that are in good condition. It drives and runs lovely, and is still a very rapid car even by today’s standards.” The electrics are reported to work perfectly.

This Sierra Cosworth is highly collectable today and the 3-door is now being recognised as a real future classic, with many experts predicting long term growth in value – similar to the limited edition fast Fords of previous generations.



これは、元の刻印サービスブックを持ち、プロイモビライザー警報システムが取り付けられている。車は漏れ、上品再強化されたオリジナルのレカロシート、オリジナルのステレオアンプシステムとサンルーフを備えています。また、行っ作品の領収書とサービスの完全なファイルを持っています。 「それはドライブし、美しい動作する良好な状態である5元のホイールで、真っ白、さらには、今日の基準ではまだ非常に迅速な車です。。」:ボディワークと塗装面のようにベンダーによって記述されている電気設備は完璧に動作することが報告されている。

このシエラコスワースは、今日非常にコレクタブルで、3ドアは、現在、多くの専門家が価値の長期的な成長を予測して、実際の将来の古典として認識されている – 限定版前の世代の高速のフォードと同様に。



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