1968 Jaguar C-Type by Proteus Enduro 1314万円

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1968 Jaguar C-Type by Proteus Enduro

Sold for (£): 71,300

Only 52 original C-Type Jaguars were ever manufactured between 1951-1953. Their legendary reputation was cemented by three Le Mans victories in 1951, 1953 and 1955. The Proteus C Type is a professionally engineered, low volume sports car that takes the evocative shape, sound and appearance of Jaguar’s world beating C-Type and combines it with excellent handling, high performance and reliability to match a modern car. The car delivers the looks, feel and enormous pleasure of driving a classic car without the attendant reliability and maintenance issues. The Proteus C type passes the UK Department of Transport’s Individual Vehicle Approval test as a low volume manufacturer, giving each car its own identity as well as peace of mind for owners. The comprehensive basic specification, option choices and renowned attention to detail of Proteus ensures that each and every C-Type made will be cherished for a long time to come.

This superb Proteus C-Type has an all aluminium body with a Jaguar 4.2 straight six engine, complete with twin sand-cast carburettors and a five speed gearbox. Built in 2006, this car has covered just 11,500 miles and has been the subject of many upgrades and much fettling. The result is a car that can be enjoyed as a turnkey example of the highest order. Included in the history file is a detailed list of all work done including bills, old MoTs and various paperwork relating to the car.

If one were to put this Jaguar alongside a genuine C-Type you would be hard pushed to tell which was the original. Finished in British Racing Green with green leather interior and correct Hardura trim, correct steering wheel and stainless steel exhaust, the engine was built by VSE at time of build. In addition, it has just had a full service including a new clutch.

This is a well known car within the C-type fraternity. Described by the vendor as in excellent condition and with a 2014 built Proteus C-Type costing in excess of £85,000, this stunning example offers immediate ownership and peace of mind, having been built and maintained with no expense spared.


この素晴らしいプロテウスC-Typeは、ツインサンドキャストキャブレターと5速ギアボックスとの完全なジャガー4.2ストレート6エンジンを搭載したオールアルミボディを、持っています。 2006年に建てられたこの車はちょうど11500マイルをカバーしているし、多くのアップグレードとはるかフェトリングの対象となってきた。その結果、最上位のターンキーの例として楽しむことができる車です。履歴ファイルに含まれている法案、古いMOTS、車に関する様々な事務処理を含め行われたすべての作業の詳細なリストです。






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