1963 Lotus 23B 1134万円

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1963 Lotus 23B

Sold for (£): 62,100

The Colin Chapman designed Lotus 23B is a classic sports racing car that made its debut in 1962 and went on to extraordinary racing success all over the world. So dominant was it that the French ACO banned it from appearing at Le Mans (!), knowing that nothing would have had the capability to keep up with it at the time in its class.

This Mk23B is probably the most original car that Lotus produced of that model, with a known history and excellent well documented provenance. It has been owned and run by various distinguished Lotus and historic enthusiasts – including Paul Matty, Neil Twyman ( for David Cook) , Ian Ritchie, Sean Mclurg and Anthony Hancock.

It was delivered new to a Belgian Lotus dealer in 1963 but returned to the UK in 1970, when it was clad in a GT body and raced as a “Merlin” in road going sports-car events. It was too successful and dominant in the series which lead to the founder and owner of Marcos Cars, Jem Marsh, eventually protesting the car as he had recognised it as a Lotus 23B when he sat behind it on the grid!

Later it was acquired by Lotus enthusiast and racing guru, Paul Matty, who found the car to be remarkably original. He hill-climbed it with success and later applied for FIA Historic papers, recalling that the FIA delegate sent to inspect it, Alan Putt, described it as the most original 23B that he had ever seen at the time.

Raced extensively ever since, it has more recently appeared at the Goodwood Revival twice in the ‘Madgwick Cup’ where it has finished 7th and 3rd overall.

It has also been raced extensively throughout Europe in the current ‘Masters Series’ with excellent results and additionally appeared in the HSCC Guards Trophy as well as the Snetterton Three Hour Race. It is a consistent front running car.

Currently prepared by noted team- Wren Classics – it features a ‘Connaught Engineering’ rebuilt 1600cc Lotus twin-cam engine (that was originally Smirthwaite prepared) and a Hewland Mk9 gearbox.

Sold with some spares (wheels and a lightweight body kit) FIA/HTP papers and an extremely comprehensive history file that includes many period photos, the car is now on the button and ready to go out and win.


このMk23Bはおそらく、ロータスは知ら歴史と優れた十分に文書来歴と、そのモデルの生産で最も元の車です。ポール·マティ、(デヴィッド·クックのための)ニール·ワイマン、イアン·リッチー、ショーンMclurgとアンソニー·ハンコックなど、 – それは、様々な著名なロータスや歴史愛好家が所有し、実行されています。





現在team-指摘ミソサザイクラシックスで調製 – それはコンノート·エンジニアリング」に再構築1600ccのロータスツインカムエンジン(つまり、もともとSmirthwaiteが製造した)とヒューランドMK9ギアボックスを備えています。

いくつかのスペア(車輪と軽量ボディキット)FIA / HTP論文や多くの期間の写真が含まれて非常に包括的な履歴ファイルを販売、車はボタンと外に出て、勝つために準備されるようになりました。




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