1999 Kimi Raikkonen Formula Renault #005/99 462万円

1999 Kimi Raikkonen Formula Renault #005 99


Sold for (£): 25,300

The British Formula Renault Championship has been running since 1989 and several notable Formula One drivers have competed in the series over the years. Future World Champions Kimi Räikkönen and Lewis Hamilton won the championship in 2000 and 2003 respectively. Current Formula One drivers Paul di Resta and Heikki Kovalainen both competed in the series which introduced many drivers to slicks and wings and virtual identically powered single seaters. It was regarded very much as the reference championship for young drivers to progress through the ranks, especially as Räikkönen and Hamilton went on to become Formula One World Champions in 2007 and 2008 respectively.

Kimi Räikkönen had been competing in karts in Europe before he entered the Renault Winter Series in 1999 with Haywood Racing. He won the championship but had moved to Manor Motorsport after four races. In 2000 he won the series and was testing for the Sauber F1 Team who signed him for 2001. He went on to race for McLaren, Ferrari and currently the Renault powered Lotus. Very much an individual he bucks the norm of current F1 drivers, considered high risk for media interviews and vocal to over-informative race engineers on the radio! He has entered snowmobile races and other events under the pseudonym ”James Hunt”, as recognition of their parallel lifestyles.

On offer is Kimi Räikkönens first UK single seater, it is the car that was the first stepping stone for the future World Champion and the character that has endeared himself to millions of F1 fans around the globe. It is in the sponsor’s livery that appeared when the car was run by Haywood Racing in the winter of 1999 and it remains eligible for F4, Monoposto, Hillclimbing or Sprints.

It benefits from a recently rebuilt 175 bhp (dyno figure) MASS engine that has seen very little use. It has had a recent leak-down test that produced perfect results. It comes with an Omex 600 management system, a Mk.9 Hewland gearbox. It has also been rewired recently and a new dash fitted (the original Formula Renault one included). Furthermore Räikkönen’s test session sheets and set up data are included with this Lot.

This represents a great opportunity to own the first race car used by a charismatic future World Champion, eligible and ready for use or perhaps as a collector’s item.


彼はヘイウッド·レーシング、1999年にルノー冬シリーズに入る前のキミ·ライコネンは、ヨーロッパでゴーカートに出場していた。彼が優勝したが、4レース後にマナーモータースポーツに移動していた。 2000年にはシリーズで優勝し、彼がマクラーレン、フェラーリのためにレースをする上で行って、現在はルノー、ロータスの電源2001のために彼に署名したザウバーF1チームのためにテストしていた。非常に多くの個々の彼バックスメディアのインタビューやラジオでオーバー有益なレースエンジニアにボーカルのためにリスクが高いと考えられ、現在のF1ドライバー、のノルム!彼は、彼らのパラレルライフスタイルの認識として、スノーモービルのレースや仮名 ”ジェームス·ハント ”の下に他のイベントに入った。


これは非常にほとんど使用を見ている最近再建さ175 BHP(ダイノフィギュア)MASSエン​​ジンから利益を得る。これは完璧な結果が得られた最近のリークダウンテストがあった。それはOmex 600管理システム、Mk.9ヒューランド製のギアボックスが付属しています。また、最近になって再配線されており、取り付け新しいダッシュ(オリジナルフォーミュラルノー1が含まれています)。さらにライコネンのテストセッションシートとセットアップデータはこのロットに含まれています。




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