1967 Fiat Abarth 695 SS 530万円

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1967 Fiat Abarth 695 SS


Sold for (£): 28,980

Karl Abarth, later known as Carlo Abarth, was born in Austria. He created a small manufacturing empire in Italy during the 1950s building performance exhaust systems and other parts for Fiats and other European makes. Carlo adopted his Scorpio birth sign as the logo for his company. He soon evolved into a car manufacturer in his own right. Fiat most often supplied the body shells or partly completed cars, which Abarth modified. The Fiat/Abarth arrangement benefited both concerns since it resulted in the many class victories that his cars captured in competition.

After years of producing stylish special-bodied Fiat-based coupes and sedans, Abarth introduced his 695 version in the summer of 1963. Once again the baby rear-engine Fiat 500 was the basis of the project. When compared to the production version you will note the 695 was virtually identical except for the logo, badge on the radiator grille and the coat-of-arms on both sides of the car. Like all Abarths, the key differences are found in the mechanical upgrades that pushed its top speed to over 90mph. The two cylinders were ‘siamesed’ in special cast iron, the exhaust pipes leading up to it were polished, the valve-springs were upgraded and specially designed pistons and camshaft fitted. Further modifications were made to the original piston rods and crankshaft. The original carburettor was increased in size and an Abarth twin exhaust fitted. The lubrication system was also modified with the adoption of a special gear pump. When the 1966 Abarth 695 SS Assetto Corsa III arrived it featured flared fenders, a front-mounted oil cooler and the ability to raise the engine cover for extra stability and cooling. These Series III cars competed directly with the 750 and 850TC Abarths.

The 695 SS offered here is clothed in white paintwork with contrasting black interior. This highly original car has resided in Italy for most of its life and has benefited from a dry and sunny climate. Consequently, the body has been preserved and is in fine condition. This baby Fiat Abarth is supplied with a period Abarth driver’s seat, Abarth/Jaeger rev counter and dials, 4-point rear roll hoop and is generally in very impressive condition. Such is the originality of this example, it even boasts Abarth rubber bonnet catches and Abarth body stamp, *0476.

Buyers should be aware that this lot has formed part of a large private collection and has been stored for some time in a heated environment, as such, some gentle recommissioning works may be required. Please contact us for further details regarding this specific lot. With a believed genuine 78,549 kilometres reading on the odometer, this incredibly rare little Abarth is a true collector’s item with values going only one way… North.


スタイリッシュな特別なボディのフィアットベースのクーペとセダンを生産の年後、アバルトは、もう一度赤ちゃんのリヤエンジンフィアット500 1963年の夏に彼の695バージョンを導入し、プロジェクトの基礎となった。製品版と比較した場合には、695はラジエーターグリルと車の両側の紋章のロゴ、バッジを除いて事実上同一であった注意します。すべてAbarthsと同様に、主な相違点は、毎時90マイル以上にそのトップスピードをプッシュし、機械のアップグレードに記載されています。 2シリンダが特殊鋳鉄で「siamesed」し、それに至るまでの排気管は、バルブスプリングがアップグレードされ、特別に設計されたピストンやカムシャフトを装着し、研磨した。さらなる修飾は、元のピストンロッドとクランクシャフトになされた。オリジナルのキャブレターのサイズが増加し、アバルトツイン排気嵌。潤滑システムは、特殊な歯車ポンプとしたことで修飾した。 1966アバルト695 SS AssettoコルサIIIが到着したとき、それはフレアフェンダー、フロントマウントオイルクーラーと余分な安定性と冷却のためのエンジンカバーを上げる能力を特色にした。これらのシリーズIII車は750と850TC Abarthsと直接競った。

ここで提供さ695 SSは黒のインテリア対照的なと白の塗装をまとっている。この非常に元の車は、その人生の大半をイタリアに居住しており、乾燥した日当たりの良い気候の恩恵を受けています。その結果、体が保存され、細かい状態にあるされています。この赤ちゃんフィアットアバルトは、期間アバルトの運転席、アバルト/ジャガーのタコメーターとダイヤル、4点後ロールフープが供給され、非常に印象的な状態で、一般的です。このような、この例の独創性である、それもアバルトゴムボンネットキャッチとアバルト本体スタンプ、* 0476を誇っています。







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