1953 Connaught AL10 Historic Grand Prix Race Car 3564万円

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1953 Connaught AL10 Historic Grand Prix Race Car


Sold for (£): 195,000

Perhaps the most beautiful, evocative British Grand Prix car of all time and described by one previous owner as better to drive than a Maserati 250F! With current FIA Papers and VSCC Passport this presents a unique opportunity as it comes with a comprehensive spares package that ‘guarantees’ continued availability of ‘A’ type spares. A guaranteed entry into many international and national events.

Connaught Engineering made its racing debut during the 1952 season. Amongst the other Formula 2 cars competing in the World Championship, their A-Type chassis would prove to be competitive and capable, but mostly in races taking place somewhere on the British Isles. On the European mainland, Connaught proved to be about as effective as any other British marque of the time.

During the 1952 British Grand Prix, Connaught Engineering managed to have two of its cars finish in the points when Eric Thompson finished 5th and Dennis Poore finished 4th. The team would also end up having three cars finishing inside the top ten when Ken Downing brought his A-Type across the line in 9th place. This was an incredible result for the new team.

Therefore, heading into the 1953 season, Connaught knew they had a good car at home, but also knew it really had to improve to be competitive in other rounds of the World Championship and non-championship races. The year would mark an important moment in the World Championship. Ever since its inaugural year of existence the Indianapolis 500 had counted toward the World Championship but was never really considered an actual part of the series. Therefore 1953 would mark the first time that the World Championship would be a proper ‘World’ series.

Silverstone Auctions are privileged to offer this car for sale as it presents a unique opportunity for enthusiasts, collectors and investors alike – try and find another car that offers as complete a package as this!

Driven in period by such legends as Roy Salvadori, John Coombs, Kenneth McAlpine, Ron Flockhart and Bill Whitehouse – the latter achieving more success with the car than when in it was in ‘Works’ hands. Roy Salvadori sadly died in June 2012 aged 90.

This car was featured on the front cover of Motorsport and in an article by F1 legend, Martin Brundle, who drove the car in the July 2000 edition, when the magazine tested a Grand Prix car from each of the decades from 1950 up to 2000.
In 1954 the car was sold into private hands and has only had a total of 6 owners in its 58 years.

Since he purchased the car in 1996, the current owner has raced the car all over Europe including the European Historic Grand Prix at Luxembourg, Monza, Spa, Nürburgring, Brno, Paul Ricard, Nogaro, Zandvoort etc. It has also made regular appearances in the support race at the British Grand Prix, and at Goodwood.
AL10 has current FIA papers and VSCC passport.
A no-expense, two year ‘Nut and Bolt’ restoration has recently been completed by renowned specialists Hi-Tech Motor Sport and Pride Race Engineering Ltd, who rebuilt and ran the engine on a dyno. It has not been raced since.

Owning this car is a passport into national and international historic motorsport events.

The car comes complete with a huge spares package including a spare engine (the original fitment), a spare gearbox and a complete spare set of its Elektron wheels which alone are worth a fortune, and a complete set of drop down gears plus ,uniquely, all of the original patterns, including the cylinder block casting mould. All of which, it is believed Alan Cotham, were completely restored in the 1980s.

おそらく、すべての時間の中で最も美しい、刺激的なイギリスGPカーとマセラティ250Fよりも駆動するのに良いように、1つ前の所有者によって記述さ!現在のFIAペーパーとVSCCパスポートでは、これはそれが ‘A’タイプのスペアの「保証」の継続的可用性ことを総合的な予備品のパッケージに付属のようにユニークな機会を提供する。多くの国際および国内イベントに保証されたエントリー。




それは同様に愛好家、コレクターや投資家のためのユニークな機会を提供するようにシルバーストーンのオークションは、販売のためにこの車を提供する特権である – このように、完全なパッケージを提供しています他の車を試してみて、見つけて下さい!

その中に「作品」の手にあったときより車で後者の達成より多くの成功 – ロイ·サルバドーリ、ジョン·クームス、ケネス·マカルパイン、ロン·フロックハートとビル·ホワイトホースのような伝説によって期間内に駆動される。ロイsalvadoriが悲しげに高齢者90 2012年6月に死亡した。


ノー費用、2年「ナットとボルト “復元は最近、有名な専門家ハイテクモータースポーツとダイノ上でエンジンを再建し、走ったプライド人種エンジニアリング株式会社、によって完成されていません。それ以来レースをされていません。






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