Group C Tiga GC 288/9 2907万円

公開日: : Group C

Group C Tiga GC



Group C2 TIGA GC288/9

The Porto Kaleo car driven by Stingbrace. Winner in class at the 1988 Nurburgring 1000km. Fresh DFZ 3.5 engine with loads of torque and power. A great deal of recent work as this car is currently running in Group C historic racing. As a result it has recent crack testing certificate and a new fuel cell and historic Group C passport. Whilst engine was out for refresh the rest of the car was gone through new fuel cell fitted and a new Motec ecu fitted with a new engine loom. The old cosworth spark box is retained should you wish to revert to original specification but Group C permit new ecu’s for engine protection purposes.

Many spares including front clam and many wheels etc. Brand new set of slicks fitted for one hour shake down race. Car has been very reliable and predictable to drive hence is has had a class podium at every race entered with an inexperienced gentleman driver. If you want to race at the best circuits at the biggest meetings with the fastest iconic cars this is the cheapest way in. How else will you get to run the full Le Mans circuit in front of 300,000 people.

This car ran the 1989 Le Mans but electrics stopped it in the night. It did however get a class win in the Nurburgring 1000kms in period. There are other cars out there but only this one has all the work done and is currently running. Even fresh engine cars around will probably need new fuel cells and crack tested soon and perhaps even a valve spring refresh before you race. This one will need new harness for next year and maybe your own seat but thats it. You could run the Paul Ricard Dix Mille Tour meeting on the 4th 5th and 6th October this year. Team who already run the car and have done so since 1989 are ready and waiting.

Only other thing to bear in mind is that this is the only one with a DFZ 3.5 others are 3.3 DFL or have Buick Engines. This is the TIGA to have. Reason for sale is that owner is looking to go up a class but needs funds first.

群C2 TIGA GC288/9

Stingbraceによって駆動ポルトKALEO車。 1988ニュルブルクリンクでの千キロクラスの勝者。トルクとパワーの負荷で新鮮DFZ3.5エンジン。この車のように、最近の多くの作業は、現在、グループCの歴史的なレースで実行されている。結果として、最近のクラック検査証明書と新しい燃料電池および歴史的グループCパスポートを有する。エンジンが出ていた一方で、リフレッシュのために車の残りの部分は、装着し新しい燃料電池と新しいエンジン織機を搭載新しいMOTEC ECUを通して消えていた。あなたは元の仕様に戻すことを希望すべき古いコスワーススパークボックスが保持されますが、グループCは、エンジン保護の目的のための新しいECU年代を許可。



心に留めてする唯一の他の事は、これはDFZ3.5他者との一方のみが3.3 DFLをしているか、ビュイックエンジンを持っているということである。これは持っているTIGAです。売却の理由は、所有者がクラスを上がるために探したが最初の資金を必要としていることである。







Porsche 962-134 ¥ASK

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1986 Alba GTP (Group C) Buick Turbo AR8-01 2688万円

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