Ferrari 250 GT Lusso ¥ASK

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Ferrari 250 GT Lusso



We are pleased to bring into stock a special RHD example of the Ferrari 250 Lusso – a truly fabulous car.

Registration: WRT 76A
Chassis Number: 250GTL5443
Engine Number: 168
Number of cylinders: 12
CC: 2953cc
Year of Manufacture: 1963

Regarded by many as one of the most beautiful Pininfarina designs for Ferrari, the Scaglietti-built ‘Lusso’ sold as a road-going car and directly benefited from the successful lineage of its predecessor, the Ferrari 250 GT. It was developed from the dual-purpose 250 GT Short Wheel Base delivered as either a tractable competition steed or a steel-bodied grand touring car. When the SWB’s time was up, its road-going version was replaced in 1962 with the more curvaceous 250 GT Lusso.

The very first Lusso appeared in October of 1962 at the Paris Salon and generated much admiration for its exquisite proportions. Call us biased, but we can’t think of a prettier car before or since.

One of just 22 Righthand drive cars built by Maranello Concessionaires, some reports suggest that today just 17 examples remain. This car is particularly special thanks in no small part to the comprehensive and exacting restoration which this car received by respected craftsmen and former Pebble Beach Concours-winning restorers, Auto Restorations NZ of Christchurch in the years to 2010. Upon completion of its meticulous restoration this handsome Lusso was rightly crowned Winner in the Masters’ Class of the NZ Classic Car Weekend Intermarque Concours d’Elegance, Ellerslie, Auckland.

Formerly the property of Mr Warren de France, a 747 Captain for a major international airline, one of the benefits of holding such a role was indulging in one of his favourite pastimes of visiting European car yards and forecourts keeping a keen eye for any irresistible classics. One particular occasion in 1995 this gorgeous Lusso, chassis number #5443 adorned the appropriate ‘for sale’ sign and after some swift negotiation, it was his. For three years the car remained in the UK being visited occasionally for some spirited country-lane driving before the decision was made in early 1999 to ship the car to New Zealand where he’d anticipated moving from working overseas in order to restore and future-proof this important Ferrari. Without intentionally embarking on the level of restoration which then ensued, a small local restorer was enlisted to first strip a small amount of paint to ascertain the level of restoration required. As the area grew larger, predictably, all the paint was ultimately removed. Some previous repairs were uncovered but nothing of any deep concern. In for a penny, in for a pound, with the engine out of the car the decision to strip and refurbish the car and the Weber carburettors was an easy one to reach. Likewise, the differential and gearbox was treated to a rebuild at the same time.

By the time the car’s chassis had been dipped and coated for rust protection the demands of the restoration had begun to outgrow that of the appointed independent restorer. With the restoration fully committed and underway but Warren still living and working in Asia the car and all components were moved to another restorer before (to his credit) he too recognised that the job was beyond his means and skills. Requiring a professional and capable outfit who could complete the car to the greatest standard most deserving of this Ferrari, the Lusso naturally landed with the best Warren could find in mid-2006; Auto Restorations NZ. Within no time at all confidence with the project was at an all-time high and real progress was being made. With the experts at Auto Restorations in charge, they soon had all the elements of panel work, Rosso Cordoba paint, wiring, and the reinstallation of the Columbo-designed V12 engine fusing together to once again breathe life into this prancing horse.

Attention to detail was foremost throughout this restoration and the commitment shown by both Warren and Auto Restorations has paid huge dividends for the next owner. Whilst hard to source, important components such as fog light bulbs, correct headlining and no less than four hides for the intricate leather interior have all been appropriately married to this car, further enhancing the incredible package that this benchmark Ferrari now offers.

Resplendent in chosen Rosso Cordoba coachwork with contrasting tan leather interior the new owner of this very capable and matching-numbers GT can be confident that the quality of the restoration will stand the test of time.


本当に素晴らしい車 – 私たちは、在庫にフェラーリ250ルッソの特別RHD例を持って喜んでいます。

登録:WRT 76A

フェラーリ、スカリエッティ内蔵「ルッソ」ロードゴーイングカーとして販売されており、直接その前身、フェラーリ250 GTの成功系統の恩恵のための最も美しいピニンファリーナのデザインの一つとして多くの人に見なさ。これは、扱いやすい競技馬やスチールボディのグランドツーリングカーのいずれかとして配信デュアルパーパス250 GTショートホイールベースから開発されました。 SWBの時間がアップしたときは、そのロードゴーイングバージョンは、より多くの曲線美250 GTルッソと1962年に置き換えられました。



かつて氏ウォーレン·ド·フランス、主要な国際的な航空会社のための747キャプテンは、そのような役割を持つことの利点の一つの特性は、任意の非常に魅力的な古典のために鋭い目を光らせ、欧州車のヤードと前庭を訪問し、彼のお気に入りの娯楽の一つにふけるました一つの特定の機会に1995年にこの豪華なルッソ、シャーシ番号#5443は、適切な「販売用」記号を飾ったし、いくつかの迅速な交渉の後、それは彼でした。 3年間、車が決定は、彼が回復し、未来にするために、海外で働いてから移動予想のだニュージーランドに車を出荷するために1999年初めに行われた前駆動いくつかの威勢の国車線のために時々訪問している英国に残りました証明この重要なフェラーリ。意図的に、その後続いた回復のレベルに着手することなく、小さなローカル復元を最初に必要な修復のレベルを確認するために、塗料の少量を除去するために入隊しました。面積が大きく成長したように、予想通り、すべての塗料は、最終的には削除されました。以前のいくつかの修理が発見されていないが、任意の深い懸念を何もしました。ペニーのために、ポンドのために、エンジンを搭載した車から車を除去し、改装することを決定し、ウェーバーキャブレターが到達するための簡単​​なものでした。同様に、差動とギアボックスは、同時に再構築するために処理しました。







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