1938 Bugatti T57C Aravis Drophead Coupe 1億2938万円(SOLD)

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Sold for $1,045,000

One of Only Two Supercharged Aravis Drophead Coupes Built; Formerly the Property of Lord Doune, the Earl of Mourey

220hp 3,257cc twin overhead cam inline supercharged eight-cylinder engine, four-speed Wilson preselector gearbox, coil springs with semi-elliptic leaf springs and four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes. Wheelbase: 3.3m

The Type 57 is one of the most celebrated of all non-racing Bugatti chassis. Its unbeatable combination of style and performance made it an instant success, and from its first introduction, it provided Jean Bugatti with a final and lasting legacy.

Prior to 1934, Bugatti set the lofty goal of creating a Grand Touring automobile that would include the excitement of the racing heritage of the company, while incorporating the refinement and drivability of a road car. The Type 57 was successful in combining some of the temperament of the racing chassis with a level of comfort that satisfied the refined tastes of the European elite.

The Bugattis of the late 1930s represented the company’s crowning achievement in engineering. The pace of technical innovation was vigorous from the Type 57’s introduction in 1934, until its demise in 1939. Many updates were introduced as they were developed; notable examples included improved suspension and hydraulic brakes.

Some of the most memorable automotive designs carry the Bugatti name. Many of these were the inspiration of Jean Bugatti, a remarkably talented artist and designer, and offered by him as factory catalog body styles. Most of the Type 57 drophead coupes were dignified and pleasing to look at, but lacked the flair seen on his racy closed cars, such as the Atalante or Atlantic.

As a result, Bugatti envisioned a more exotic open car that would set a new standard for styling. The coachbuilding firm of Gangloff was entrusted with the task of crafting the new
model; the results were nothing less than spectacular.

Considered by many to be the most beautiful open car design to grace a Type 57 chassis, the Aravis was introduced to the public in 1938. From every angle, the car was a masterpiece. All of the lines were softly sculptured to express motion, from the pontoon fenders to the elegantly sculpted body side moldings that cascaded rearward towards a gracefully lengthened tail section. The dramatic fastback convertible top styling was one of the sleekest designs ever implemented when erected, and was even more impressive in its ability to disappear entirely from view when folded.

Power ratings ranged from 140hp on the standard model, up to 220hp for the supercharged sport model, which featured Bugatti’s tried and tested twin lobe Rootes-type compressor.
Flexible and powerful, performance of the Type 57 was always at the driver’s discretion. In fact, the Type 57 chassis was so versatile and its supercharged engine so reliable, a race
modified version placed first at Le Mans in 1939.

It is unfortunate that the talented Jean Bugatti would enjoy the fruits of his labor for only a short period after the introduction of the Aravis. Tragically, while test driving a car, Bugatti was killed in August 1939.

Only four of these striking Aravis dropheads were completed before production of the Type 57 chassis ceased, making them among the most coveted of all Type 57s. Chassis no. 57736 is one of just two supercharged Aravis drophead coupes built. The Aravis was sold new to Canadian industrialist Orr Lewis by the Bugatti agency in Nice. The car was shipped to England in 1939 at the outbreak of the Second World War. It is thought that Lewis was a cousin of its next owner, the honorable Lord Doune who graciously offered to hide the Bugatti from the ravages of war.

In 1952 the car was purchased by Lord Doune (who later became the Earl of Mourey). 57736 remained in the collection of his family until 2000, when the Aravis was purchased by a noted American collector. Since then the Bugatti has remained virtually hidden away, untouched and used sparingly. Regardless of his personal use, he ensured that the Bugatti was properly maintained, serviced and exercised on a regular basis.

Most recently, the Aravis was given a thorough service and road tested for preparation for its sale. On a recent test drive the Bugatti ran faultlessly, starting easily and running smoothly. The engine proved to be a more than competent performer, accelerating strongly from rest. Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of driving the Aravis is the delightful
Cotal preselector gearbox, which shifts quickly, smoothly, and with authority.

The refinement added by the gearbox transforms the car, enhancing the pleasure of driving, as it allows the driver to concentrate more fully on the adept handling and vigorous acceleration, while enjoying the sounds and sensations generated by Bugatti’s wonderful supercharged twin cam engine.

The Earl of Mourey was a true automotive enthusiast has a reputation to this day of having maintained his motor cars in outstanding mechanical condition. It has been reported that the Lord submitted all of his cars for regularly scheduled services and maintenance, including having the oil changed every 3,000 miles. Today, the Aravis displays this thoughtful attention and maintenance of such fastidious care in every respect.

Cosmetically the Bugatti is a wonderful car whose largely unrestored original condition engages the driver with an honesty and appeal that cannot be replicated in a restored car, regardless of the money spent or the talents of the restorer. Although the car was repainted in the 1960s, the workmanship was certainly more than competent and the finish has aged gracefully, appearing today as an exceptionally preserved original finish might. The engine bay is highly correct, and has the air of careful and skilled maintenance, rather than the artificial detailing of a modern concours car.

The interior appears to be largely, if not completely original, with the lovely blue leather seats showing appropriate wear for their age. The wood dash and gauges are almost certainly original, correct, and unrestored.

This is a car that is meant to be driven and enjoyed. When shown, it will be appreciated for the beauty of its lines and the excellence of its engineering rather than the skill of its restorer. Those lucky enough to have driven 57736 are eloquent in their praise for the car, with many suggesting it may be the best driving T57C extant.

There is little doubt that the Aravis represents the zenith of Jean Bugatti’s career; it is certainly among the last of his beautiful creations. Chassis 57736 is a late car, and is accordingly mechanically superior to most, incorporating the latest advances from Molsheim including the telescopic suspension and shock absorbers.

While any Aravis would be a treasure to own, the originality and quality of 57736 combine with its status as one of just two supercharged examples built to make it quite possibly the ultimate open Bugatti Type 57C.

内蔵わずか2つの過給Aravis Dropheadクーペのひとつ。主ドゥーン、Moureyの伯爵の旧プロパティ

ツインオーバーヘッドカムインライン3,257cc 220hpは、8気筒エンジン、4速ウィルソンプリセレクタギアボックス、半楕円リーフスプリングと四輪油圧ドラムブレーキとコイルスプリングを過給します。ホイールベース:3.3メートル




最も記憶に残る自動車のデザインの中には、ブガッティの名前を運びます。これらの多くはジャン·ブガッティ、非常に才能のあるアーティストやデザイナーのインスピレーションだった、工場カタログボディスタイルとして彼によって提供されます。タイプ57 dropheadクーペのほとんどが見て堂々と喜ばなかったが、彼の活気に見られる才能は、アタランテや大西洋として、車を閉じ欠いていました。





タイプ57シャーシの生産はすべてのタイプ57Sの最も切望されたの間でそれらを作る、中止する前にのみ、これらの印象的なAravisのdropheadsの4つが完成しました。シャーシありません。 57736は、構築された2つだけ過給Aravisのdropheadクーペの一つです。 Aravisは、ニースのブガッティ機関がカナダの実業家オア·ルイスに新しい販売されました。車は第二次世界大戦の勃発で、1939年にイギリスに出荷されました。これは、ルイスは、その次の所有者、優雅戦禍からブガッティを隠すために提供名誉主ドゥーンのいとこだったと考えられています。

1952年に車が(後でMourey伯となった)主ドゥーンによって購入されました。 57736はAravisに注目アメリカンコレクターによって購入された2000年まで、彼の家族の集まりにとどまりました。それ以来、ブガッティは事実上手つかずの、隠れままであり、慎重に使用しています。かかわらず、彼の個人的な使用の、彼はブガッティが正しく、維持修理を依頼し、定期的に行使されることを保証しました。






これは、駆動されることを意味して楽しんで車です。示された場合は、そのラインの美しさとその技術の優秀さではなく、その回復のスキルのために理解されるであろう。 57736を牽引してきたのに十分幸運ものが多く、それが最高の駆動T57Cの現存することができる示唆して、車のための彼らの賞賛に雄弁です。








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