1996 Lamborghini Diablo SV-R 1498万円(SOLD)

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Sold for $121,000

540hp 5.7-Liter sixty degree, light alloy block, dual overhead camshaft V12 engine, six-speed manual transmission, four-wheel disc brakes. Wheelbase: 2650mm

Lamborghini conceived and delivered the first mid-engined ‘supercar’ with the Miura in 1966 and through a succession of owners and repeated onslaughts by competitors the company has kept itself in the forefront of this high-profile market segment. Lamborghini’s supercars set a standard that others have been hard-pressed to beat. Their cars have consistently kept company with Ferrari’s Boxers, F40 and F50, the revitalized Bugatti EB110, Maserati’s Bora, and Ron Dennis’s technological marvel, the McLaren F1.

The Diablo was introduced in 1991 under Lamborghini’s brief period of Chrysler ownership, preserving but refining its layout, smoothing out the body’s humps and bumps, and improving occupant accommodations. In the middle of the ‘90s, Lamborghini built 31 Diablos prepared for use on the racetrack. The race version, known as SV R, meaning Sport Veloce, Race, was for competition in the new one marque Lamborghini Diablo Supertrophy series. Customers could purchase their SV-R along with a season of racing.

Lamborghini carried out all maintenance and repairs themselves. Built alongside the production Diablo SVs, the Rs were 191 kilograms lighter than the regular model and used OZ Racing one-piece, hollow spoke, cast magnesium eighteen-inch wheels with slick tires.

The engine was tuned to put out 540bhp while the additional power was mostly derived from a revised fuel injection, and for the first time ever on a Diablo, variable valve timing. Inside the cockpit, the SV-R is pure racecar, without any superfluous sound deadening or comfort items.

This car finished 2nd overall in the 1996 series and 3rd overall in the 1997 series, and campaigned at many distinguished tracks including Le Mans, the Nurburgring, Brands Hatch, Spa and Vallelunga. This example was submitted for restoration after retirement from the series. All exterior, interior and mechanical systems were gone through and restored, with exception to the mechanicals that needed very little, except a thorough tune as it had been under factory care throughout its racing career.

This particular example was painted by well-known French artist Georges Wolinski, whose work was preserved by the manufacturing of stickers so any future scrapes can simply be repaired. New race seats, harnesses and tires were installed making this completely race-ready.

540hp 5.7リットル60度、軽合金ブロック、デュアルオーバーヘッドカムシャフトのV12エンジン、6速マニュアルトランスミッション、4輪ディスクブレーキ。ホイールベース:2650ミリメートル


ディアブロは維持するが、そのレイアウトを改良、身体のこぶとバンプを滑らかにし、乗員室の改善、クライスラーの所有権のランボルギーニの短い期間の下で1991年に導入されました。 90年代の半ばには、ランボルギーニは、レーストラック上で使用するための準備31角竜を構築しました。スポーツベローチェ、レースを、意味SV Rとして知られているレースのバージョンは、新しいブランドランボルギーニディアブロSupertrophyシリーズの競争のためでした。お客様は、レースのシーズンと一緒に彼らのSV-Rを購入することができます。







【ヤフオク】ランボルギーニ ムルシェラゴ

ヨーロッパ並行のムルシェラゴです。 シルバーで内装は黒に近い紺色です。  19、20イン


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